Very good News Or Bad Information – And The Difference Is?

At any time had another person give you negative news? How about superior information? What is actually the change or is there a variance?

Fantastic information – stuff or details that can make us happy, material, reassured, secure and validated.

Bad information – the opposite.

So, it would show up that there is a variation among excellent and negative news – study on.

Have you at any time gotten terrible news but in the finish items turned out very well or better than you predicted? Have you ever gained great news and above time what you considered was fantastic information finished up remaining not so excellent?

From particular experience I can notify you that I have knowledgeable all four –

Excellent news that was excellent.

Poor news that was lousy.

Superior news that I believed was very good but ended up being negative.

Negative news that I considered was bad and finished up staying superior.

Bewildered still? Effectively I know that about time I was often bewildered about the variance among these two apparent reverse messages. But then I figured out that at times lousy news for one particular person can be perceived as great information for a person else and that good information to one particular person around time can be perceived as poor.

Perplexed? Permit me clarify.

In the close it’s just news and what makes it undesirable or great or even neutral is not the information by itself but how we understand it, judge it, assess it or respond simply because of it.

How can an individual understand undesirable news as fantastic you could possibly check with? Or the opposite, how could another person understand great information as negative?

In short – every single of us has a one of a kind history, activities, beliefs and values and as a outcome none of us at any time see the identical issue or circumstance in the identical way.

Somebody who is a worrier, detrimental, pessimistic or impatient might see a hold off as bad when an additional human being who understands the strategy of there are things we can command and there are issues we can not management so why get all upset about a little something you are not able to control or if you can control it get chaotic.

In the conclusion every thing that occurs – just occurs and what we do is interpret it all centered on our expectations, objectives, needs or mindsets and all of these are exceptional for just about every of us.

Permit me give you a couple of own illustrations. And if you will think about the explanation even however you could not have experienced exactly the same situation, if you will consider about it I will be you can relate.

Prior to staring my talking and education profession I was a nationwide gross sales manager for an worldwide firm.
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Very long tale but the brief aspect is I experienced an situation with my manager, the president and as a consequence he fired me. Bad news, appropriate? Nicely that was all I desired to make your mind up it was time to start out a profession that has lasted over 40 many years and has authorized me to see the environment (twenty five international locations to date) and perform with some tremendous shoppers and audiences. So in the conclude this negative information was seriously very good information.

This is another fast one.

Years ago I proposed to my wife and she explained certainly. Good news right? (No judgments below be sure to). Nicely more than time right after carrying out my greatest for a lot more than fifteen years I determined that it was time to finish it and why? Very well, devoid of the gruesome facts, the marriage was gradually eroding my self-esteem, self confidence and optimistic mentality and I made a decision that I failed to like who I was getting to be in that marriage. We parted, amicably – but we parted. Good news as I was in a position – above time – to get back all I had shed – emotionally and spiritually.

We all have our tales and we all can develop lists of fantastic information and lousy news we have received but in the conclude it is really all just news.

Through some of my company courses I share this uncomplicated principle – end asking your personnel for superior information or bad news – just talk to them for the information and then you determine which it is. Mainly because their definition could be entirely diverse than yours.

And vice versa – as an government or manager don’t broadcast – I have some very good or lousy news – just tell your employees you have bought some information and let each of them interpret it as they see fit based on their personalized viewpoints, attitudes, mindsets, encounter, expectations and how it may possibly effect them personally.

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