What is a Cemboard? Use of new thailand cemboard materials

Cemboard panels are light weight, fast construction, water resistant, high strength and permanent termite resistance.
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Suitable for use as load-bearing floors, ceiling partitions in civil and industrial buildings: offices, restaurants, warehouses, workshops, elevating floors, renovating attic floors … with construction time requirements. Fast, low cost, light load and durable.

Cemboard panels are trusted by investors and architects for large and small constructions in Vietnam, so we find out what the Cemboard is, quality and price is why many customers such trust goods?

What is a Cemboard?

Cemboard panels are the common name on the market for lightweight materials made from Portland cement, fine sand and wood chips or high-grade cellulose fibers that are fireproof, water-resistant, Cemboard products have many Application in construction works regardless of big or small such as: making partitions, dividing walls, making fake cast floors, moisture-proof ceilings in construction and in interior and exterior houses in order to reduce construction time and load capacity construction.

We need to understand that the name and brand of products are different, there is no one branded Cemboard. In fact, Cemboard is an English abbreviation of Cement Board (cement board).

Since appearing in Vietnam market, users have been familiar with the name “Cemboard plate, 3d plate”, reading through the name of this material we can also briefly understand the main component of the Cemboard plate that is cement (70%) is produced with standard dimensions of 1m22 x 2m44 in sheets and has different thicknesses.

One of the things that customers are interested in before choosing a material is the feature of the material, and this is the outstanding feature of the Cemboard: resistant to fire, water, high and special strength. especially against permanent termites.

These preeminent features help Cemboard panels be applied in civil and industrial construction works of bearing floors, water-resistant partitions such as corporate offices, restaurants, warehouses, high-rise buildings. … with reasonable costs, easy construction, ensuring the work schedule, high durability.

Cemboard manufacturing process

Cemboard panels are made up of a mixture of wood or cellulose fibers, Portland cement, ultrafine silica sand, and contain a number of other inorganic compounds.

The compound of components used to make the product will be mixed, then placed on a standard sized mold, laminated and compressed with a force large enough by hydraulic steam pressing to create an interconnection. Solid bonding components of the sheet according to the specified thickness.

What are the characteristics of Cemboard?

In the Cemboard, the component of Porland cement is the main material, not only possesses high strength, but also has the ability to resist water, fire, termite, ensuring the durability of the product and the architecture of the whole. construction.

In addition, the Cemboard sheet contains wood chips or cellulose fibers, ultrafine sand of Silica with the purpose of increasing the ability to connect molecules in the sheet block, and create a durable and high-strength structure for product.

The advantages of Cemboard panels over traditional materials. Cemboard panels are interested by many customers because this material has superior advantages compared to traditional construction materials such as:

Durability and bearing capacity

The perfect combination of elastic properties of cellulose wood fibers and the solidity of cement has created Cemboard panels with extremely strong strength and bearing capacity. Moreover, Cemboard panels are easy to install and have lower construction costs compared to other similar materials on the market today. In particular, it has many applications and can be used flexibly in many different construction items.

Does not contain asbestos

The main material for making Cemboard only consists of Portland cement, cellulose fiber and some safe inorganic additives. There are no asbestos in the composition, very safe for human health when living in an apartment using this material.

Sound insulation, high insulation

Chopped wood and cellulose fibers in the component helps to increase the sound insulation, thermal insulation of this new material. If you compare its sound insulation with a layer of brick walls or concrete walls of the same thickness, it is always higher. Therefore, it has a clear advantage when used in projects requiring high sound insulation such as Karaoke rooms, recording studios of news programs in the field of broadcasting, or functional rooms with strict sound requirements.

Insulation capacity

If using Cemboard panels in civil constructions will help to condition the air, keeping the air in the building warm in winter, cool in summer.

Fireproof and water resistant

Portland cement raw material is the main ingredient, so fire and water safety tests always ensure compliance with national and international standards for fire and water resistance.

Anti-sag hammock and anti-moss mold

There is no phenomenon that the plate is bent or moss after a use. The molecules that make up it are very flexible and highly elastic, so they can easily expand to meet severe weather conditions. Absolutely no warping or cracking like wood materials, reinforced concrete materials. Cemboard is extremely durable with all weather conditions, especially Vietnamese weather.

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